Hot Stones Massage

Body Treatments

Drift away with the multiple massage treatments on offer at SAGE Skincare and Beauty. Here in the relaxing country surroundings, feel uplifted and free from everyday stresses in our warm and cosy treatment room. All massage treatments can be performed using either light, medium or firm pressures and can be personalised to relieve any tension you may have in particular areas.

If you are a new client for any Body Treatment at Sage Skincare & Beauty, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out a consultation form.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 minutes) - £25

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage with Hot stones (30 minutes)- £30

Full Body Massage (1 hour) - £40

Full Body Massage with Hot stones (1 hour) - £45

Swedish full Body Massage (1 hour) - £40

(Traditional massage technique using firm pressure and movement of muscle to ease tension and promote relaxation.)

Balinese Massage (1 Hour) - £45

(Balinese massage is a full body, deep tissue, holistic treatment using a combination of stretching, acupressure techniques to stimulate blood flow and energy around your body. This treatment brings a sense of wellbeing and calm for deep relaxation.)

Deep-tissue muscle Massage (1 hour) - £50

(Deep-tissue massage is designed to alleviate deep tension and muscular stress. Concentration of the areas needing treated is specific to your individual needs within this 1 hour treatment. Hot stones are used to warm the muscles.)

Indian Head Massage (45 minutes) - £35

(Here at SAGE Skincare & Beauty, an Indian Head Massage starts off with a back massage to relax and soothe tension before focusing mainly on your shoulders, neck, head and face. This treatment is a deep pressure massage using stretching and acupressure of the muscles. Brilliant for headaches, eye strain and muscular tension)

Leg & Foot Massage (30minutes) - £20

(Perfect treatment for tired, aching feet and legs. A combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques will be applied to your preference.)

Full Body Cleansing Scrub treatment (45 minutes) - £30

(This deep cleansing body scrub treatment exfoliates and revives the skin especially in those hard to reach areas like the back. The combination of essential oils and salts leave your skin smooth and silky after a light shower experience here in the salon. Ideal as a stand-alone treatment or in preparation for any massage treatment).

Mother to be Pamper Experience (90 minutes) - £80

(During this special journey of nurturing, connect with the power of touch to relax and take some time out. With specialised positioning and safe massage techniques to relieve tension and alleviate swelling, this treatment can be seen as a must have for mothers to be. Treatment begins with a full body massage before a mini facial and scalp massage is performed using the Ormedic and Iluma range from Image Skincare to give that refreshed and glowing look to your skin.

Pregnancy Back Massage Only (40 minutes) - £30

(The essential treatment to relax after a long day. Add on our 30 minute leg and foot massage treatment for only £10 to ease any swelling of your legs and feet.)

A course of 6 Pregnancy Massage treatments are recommended.

*Please note that any Pregnancy Massage Treatment can only be carried out after your first trimester of pregnancy. Consultation essential before treatment.